This is where it all begins and where  we put all our heart and priorities setting the right tone.

We are using the best of both

worlds, analog and digital,

to catch YOUR performance and 

printing a professional,

warm and clear recording. Using a lot of analog classics,lets us setting the right tone,right from the beginning   in order to push your music to a whole new level

We are pleased still being able to mix on our 48 channel console, giving every mix a unique analog character.

When it comes to mixing, it comes

to making decisions in a technically-

and creative way. We are putting all

our passion, gear and over 10 years of experience in music production 

to give your mix that extra thumb

and snap making it sound

unique and shiny to your taste

Mastering is really about more than just making your mix loud!


 Finalizing a mix dynamically and soundwise takes a good treated hearing environment and really good skills of course. We are offering

inhouse masterings for your mixes,

as well as external masterings in cooperation with germanys first class mastering studios to finally

make your music sound big,shiny and wide opened on any soundsystem

Our latest Work



Founded in 2010 Studio 4 has always been the spot for authentic music, especially for punchy drums and amazing guitars. Music production nowadays has changed and unique and authentic recordings have become rare and hard to find.

We still believe in the people, the vibe, the experience in a professional environment and of  course in more than 10 years of profession and passion for only one purpose:

 Bringing your music to the next level!

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Studio 4

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Daniel Kemper

Audio Engineer

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